Trinkets vs. Jewelry

Trinkets are small invaluable items used for decoration and fashion decor. Jewelry is of materialistic importance and holds some type of value. Trinkets are normally for one time wear to accent an outfit or complete a certain look. Where Jewelry can be worn on a more regular basis and will generally last longer if handled with care.

One thing we have learned is that foot jewelry does not last the way precious ornaments usually do, because of the unlikely wear and tear. With the proper care and attention you will and can definitely see more time spent in your foot jewelry.

That is why here at PrettyFeetTrinkets we offer you a little bit of both worlds. 

Stylish fashion anklets and standout toe rings. Along with genuine gold and sterling silver filled pieces that you can add to your jewelry box.

We always want your feedback and suggestions. Let us know what type of foot jewelry you look for when stepping out.

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