Toe Rings & Health Benefits

There have been reasons to wear certain jewelry throughout the ages, and it’s an excellent time to get back to that. If anything, it’ll give you more appreciation for what you’re wearing and why you’re wearing it.  


Here, we’re going to get into the scientific reasoning why you should buy a toe ring in where it at all times when possible.


One of the little known scientific reasons found behind men wearing a toe ring is to increase their vigor…..some men wear a toe ring on the big toe to attain this purpose.


Did you know that reflexology information mentions you can treat gynecological problems by simply massaging your second toe. The simple act of wearing a toe ring presses in specific nerves that keep the reproductive system both balanced and healthy.

While there is still more need for research, it is believed that wearing toe rings on both feet can regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. Typically, each ring is worn on the second toe. To bring this balance.


The research behind the issues of reproductive health is that there is a nerve that travels from the second finger of the toe and happens to pass through the heart and connect to the uterus.


The best metal to opt for if you want to receive these benefits is sterling silver. That’s because it’s thought to absorb the energies produced from polar energies both from the body and the earth, creating a unified system within the body.


Wearing a toe ring is not merely a fashion statement. There is much more to it, and that’s what we here at P.F.Trinkets love about this fashion accessory.

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