Taking Care Of Your Feet While Hiking

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With us being right in the middle of spring this  is the prime time for camping, hiking, and other nature filled fun.
Your feet will definitely put in double time hiking some of the beautiful lands that this earth has to offer.

And  while we absolutely love our accessories, and we wish that a pair of perfect, hiking, socks, and hiking boots would be enough to care for your feet as they journey different hiking trails. 

The more we learn and study foot care we find out that blisters and sore feet are sure to happen at some point if you make hiking part of your spring time steps..

Below are five steps to put into practice and make habits while hiking your day away.


1. Prep Your Feet


There are studies that show that elevating your legs as well as your feet while you are sitting and also, while you are laying down, will improve circulation and visually reduce swelling.

3. Rinse Your Feet & Hiking Socks


especially if you are doing multi day or long track, hiking rinsing your your feet and socks whenever possible is a game changer. Try to keep the dirt and dust to a minimum and your feet will be super happy. Since you will sometimes get the purity of being able to rinse your feet, an open lake, when doing so only rinse downstream, and in natural sources. when you rinse your socks. Turn them inside out and pin them to the side of your backpack as a way to dry them.

And never use soap of any kind.. or let runs let soap run into the water source.

also, back at your cabin, or RV you can soak your feet in cold water.


4. Air Dry Your Feet & Socks During Meal Breaks

Start to make i5 a habit. Taking your socks and shoes off during your meal breaks will allow your feet to breathe tremendously. The sunshine on your toenails is wonderful for toenail hill. You can even go a step above and remove your insoles so that they can dry out in the sun. This is a perfect habit to take on for 30 minute Breaks during your hiking experiences. 

5. Trim Your Toe Nails & Self Massage Your Feet

toenails, trimmed straight across and not too short, will keep from having ingrown toenails, and is something that you should take care of before your hiking adventure starts. And at the end of the day long day, hiking or backpacking another habit to assume is massaging your feet. There is so much evidence that massaging your feet reduces pain and other ailments. No matter how exhausted you may be at the end of your hike make it a habit to take five minutes to rub your feet with your hands.


So yes, those are five tips for hiking and taking care of your feet. Keeping them clean, keeping them dry. Keeping them moisturized. And reducing the stress one your feet after time spins out on the hiking trail.

We always want to hear your hiking tips in hints about hiking foot care that you may use. Feel free to comment below.


***I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no extra cost to you.***



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