Pretty Feet Trinket Care Tips

PrettyFeetTrinkets is a foot fashion brand. The majority of the items on our site are fashion products and not made for long term wear or harsh circumstances. 

Our Trinket Treasures made of 12k Gold & Stainless Silver are the only pieces the site that are great for everyday wear and will not turn your skin green or tarnish after extended wear. 

With so many of our cute anklets and toe rings being for fashion pieces here are some quick steps to care for your P.F.Trinkets. 

1. Remove your trinkets when showering, or changing your socks. Avoid extensive wear and tear on your anklets and toe rings.

2. Store The Your Trinkets in the Purple mesh bag that they are packed in when not wearing, when traveling, or when sleeping.

3. Polish with a soft cloth before each wear.

4. If sleeping in our trinket treasures sterling silver or 12 karat gold collection, only sleep on satin sheets.

5. A coat of clear nail polish goes a very long way on fashion jewelry.

Thank you so much for stopping by to learn some quick tips on how to make your Pretty Feet Trinkets last even longer.

Whether you are looking for fashion Trinkets to finish off your outfit, or Stamped sterling silver to wear long term. Pretty feet Trinkets has all of your foot Fashion needs handled. Allow us to help you put your feet on a pedestal.


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