How To Measure For A Toe Ring

It's important that your toe ring fits comfortably on your toe.
A simple way to make sure a toe ring will fit is to get one that's adjustable. This will make sure that they are not too loose and not too tight on your feet, even if your toes are temporarily swollen or you decide to wear your toe ring on a different toe. Choosing an adjustable toe ring can save the day.

If you decide to get a toe ring that isn't adjustable, you should measure the toe you plan to wear it on.

A toe ring is usually worn halfway down the toe, and between the knuckles.
You should be able to push it gently past the tip of your toe while making sure it won't fall off while you wear it.

One way to measure it is with a soft measuring tape or a string.

Wrap either around the middle of your toe and use an online ring conversion chart to find out your ring size from the measurement you took.

If using the string method.

Wrap the string around your toe and then hold the string up against a ruler to get your measurement.

Those are the simplest ways to measure your toes. 
With summer around the corner you want to make sure all your accessory’s are fitting well. 

If you ever have the chance be sure to catch us at a pop up shop and have your toes or ankles measured complimentary. 

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