Holiday PoolSide Looks

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With Labor Day here and this being somewhat official last holiday of the summer we have put together a list of must-have and essential summer accessories you will need by laying by the pool.

While laying poolside you want to be comfortable and cute. Or maybe even sexy and showing. 

No matter your poolside style we are here to help accessorize from the toes up. 

If we are starting from the toes up, then toe rings first. This wonderful 925.Sterling Silver Butterfly Adjustable Toe Ring is the perfect accessory to wear in and out of the pool. Available with different stone settings this one is all the way around a winner. With packaging made for a princess, after a nice spa pedicure along with your favorite color toenail polish this Toe Ring definitely does the trick.

We are always about anklets over here. And anklets are the perfect accessory for any poolside outfit. These totally polished .925 Sterling Silver Turquoise & Clear Bead Cultured Pearl Anklet.  Anklets are great to wear laying by the pool on your favorite beach towel. As well as kicking your feet in the pool waves because this anklet is totally waterproof. 

Now we won’t even begin to talk about bathing suits, because that isn’t our lane. But this wonderful cover-up is a sexy way to cover your body and still allow everything that you want the world to see. Different colors to match any bathing suit & super see though while made of mesh so you can set off so many statements with this classic and unique swimsuit coverup. 

You should never be laying poolside without sunscreen, and protection. And take it from a brand new Las Vegas local…laying out here in the desert you definitely need ultra protection. So we are going with this Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Moisturizing Sunscreen. This is our favorite sunscreen living out here in Las Vegas. In this dry desert heat this moisturizing sun cream is the best one to stay hydrated and protected while you are laying poolside.

And we can’t lay poolside without a fabulous beach towel. If you are looking for something customized to show of who you are but still comfortable while laying in the sun and defining your tan lines… we choose this small USA based business with their distinct and personalized towel collection.

So there we have a just a slight Labor Day rundown of poolside accessories that you should definitely try.

Make sure that you check out all of these wonderful summer Trinkets before the season is over.

Also don’t  forget that there is 25% off on all toerings until September 7.
We would love to know your favorite poolside accessory. Feel free to comment below and share. 

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