Evil Eye Anklets


Evil Eye Anklets are believed to shield and guard you from different types of bad luck, near and far.
Both from objects and other people. 

No one wants misfortune or bad luck, and we definitely wanna keep unwanted vibes out of our inner circle. So why not think of wrapping a few around your ankle, to shield your steps from harm. 

We love these simple yet sturdy anklets that can be for everyday and every style wear. 

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With living in an aura where we want our fashion to matter, the threads count.

A red thread evil eye bracelet is said to bring good luck, while driving away mishaps and misfortune. While the black thread is known to bring courage and challenge our movements. 

With threads like those adorning your ankle you are telling the universe how to guide your steps.

Our foot fashion tip today is to stack these simple anklets and manifest good energy from the bottom to the top of your aura. 

Drive away negative energy & negative people by stacking up your Lucky Charm Evil Eye Anklet Collection. 

We love that they are waterproof and completely adjustable. Allowing you to wear on vacations, and during everyday life. 

Make this ankle bracelet a selection to gift to one of your favorite people.

And add a few to your Amazon cart as a self-care give must have. 

Do you believe the trinkets you wear and thoughts around them affect your life?

We would love to know. 

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