Crystal Knowledge with Reflexology.

We love the fact healing can begin with your feet. Reflexology is a proven and stellar method of bringing relief and soothing muscles on one of our most slept on body parts. Our feet.

With the growing love of using crystals to heal we want to just give some simple properties of natural stones that you may use to begin to heal. Don't be surprised when you see your favorite stones adorning ankles all over the world.

Crystal shapes that are round, smooth, tumbled or cylindrical, work well for reflexology. Double terminated or single terminated stones with a rounded point can fit in spaces between the interphalangeal joints.

Smaller stones in between your toes can give instant relief to several nerves in your body.

Below we list a few of our favotie nayural stones and some of their amazing proven results.

Hematite is a favorite for feet and hands. It is grounding and is associated with the Root Chakra. Hematite, especially magnetized hematite is a great tool for increasing blood circulation and relieving pain.

Jasper is another stone associated with the Root Chakra. Jasper works in a slow, meticulous approach for improving circulation and improves inflammation.

Copper is a popular stone of choice for moving blood and relieving areas of blood stagnation. Consider using copper nuggets or wands during foot reflexology care.

Smoky Quartz is known for treating both osteo and rheumatic arthritic disorders. This exceptional stone can also increase blood circulation and help relieve cramping.

Quartz is one of the most common stones in Earth’s mantel and can be used in any form to help regulate and improve circulation and overall function to feet and hands.

Boji Stones, Mochi Balls, Thundereggs or Menalite pebbles are all extraordinary stones for reflexology. These stones have male (L) and female (R) pairings and work on the right and left brain, the giving and receiving of energy and the functions of Yin and Yang energy. I encourage you to explore these stones and their metaphysical properties.

Knowing the stones you are using on your body will make all the difference when healing from the inside out.

Consistent reflexology and foot massages will help circulate blood in areas of the body you need most. Using natural stones in your methods can bring amazing benefits.

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