3 Things Every Toe Ring Wearer Will Understand

Toe rings added a hint of glamour to a body part that many deemed unattractive. So if you love to dress your toes up the here are 3 facts about toe rings I’m sure you can agree with. 

In Summertime People Just Can’t Stop Pointing Out Your Toe Ring

When your wearing your favorite foot jewelry at any social situation be prepared to be complimented and asked where you found your little treasure at. It can seem like every man has their attention on your toes and ladies will need to know where you copped your perfect foot trinkets. Never hesitate to share this site right here with any toe ring admirer that crosses your path. 

Planning Your Footwear In Advance Is Essential 

Since toe rings go best with flashy sandals, flip-flops, or bare feet so that your toes are on center stage, you must always plan your foot wear accordingly. Tennis shoes, boots or closed toe shoes do not always sit well with toe rings. Unless you are sporting Pretty Feet Trinkets Adjustable Gold or Silver Collection which if worn correctly can be worn with shoes (when everything is the right size). But because fashion toe rings are more show trinkets and not actual jewelry are the vital reason why you must choose your foot wear in advance. So you may comfortable walking. Period.

Your Footsteps Are Golden...Its OK To Spend More Than $20 On A Toe Ring


If you want to wear your toe ring for extended periods of time, be prepared to spend a little change on yourself. So many people down play the toes. Put Your Feet on a Pedestal and invest in 12 karat gold or 925 sterling silver toe rings. There is a difference between a trinket and jewelry. At Pretty Feet Trinkets you will find a little bit of both.

Toe Rings are the absolute perfect way to bring all the flair and class you need to finish off your ensemble. We are interested to know what are some of your toe ring facts that you have learned? Comment below.




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